Blaze Ventures / Blaze Entertainment
Logo Design / Web Design
Box Real Estate Development
Web Design
UI Design / Coded Styling
"Home page" (before)
This was the dev build from the developers. My task was to make design improvements via Angular markup and CSS styling.
"Home page" (after)
This is my dev branch and styling. I redesigned the navbar incorporating a megamenu, removed the outdated slider and replaced it with a feature set of hero tiles. I improved the vertical rhythm and modular scale of the typography. The design is fully responsive from desktop to mobile.
Screen recording
(coming soon)
Tone's Seasonings / Weber Seasonings
Prototypes — Trepoint Advertising
Studio Fusion
For NBC Universal (Contra Software, LLC)
UI Design & Prototyping
Prototypes for prospective client
Posner Miller Advertising
Design prototypes used for development of website

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